Bespoke Leather Campaign Safari Roorkhee Wood Chair

These chairs are comfortable and look great whether you are sitting next to the fireplace or campfire. Recline comfortably while sipping a scotch outside or browsing the internet. The portable and lightweight Roorkhee (or Campaign) chair was commonly used by British military officers until WWII. The original Roorkhee chairs were created at the end of the 19th century after the Boer War to increase British mobility in the field. Since then it has been a popular chair for adventurers and campers. Roorkhee chairs are a triumph of materials and engineering. They weigh about 12 pounds and can be quickly broken down for transport. When disassembled they take up a surprisingly small amount of space, approximately 8" x 8" x 24". These chairs are incredibly comfortable to sit in and I greatly prefer them to Adirondack chairs. Due to the fact that the wood pieces are not glued to one another, the legs and stretchers move with the terrain. This means that the chair sits flat and securely on any terrain and you will sit comfortably without "rocking" on uneven ground. The back is hinged in the middle so that it can recline while still providing the perfect amount of back support. Traditionally, the chairs were made from whatever wood was available (usually mahogany or teak) and heavy canvas. For my chairs I upgraded the canvas to much more durable and better looking leather. I can make them out of any wood you desire. The above chair is made from African Mahogany and black veg-tan leather. The hardware is all aged bronze metal. The overall dimensions are approximately 22" x 22" x 30". The seat of the chair is 12" from the floor and is perfect for lounging in. Whether you want to camp with style and comfort or add a handsome looking chair to your living room, the Roorkee is the chair for you! Order yours today!

  • Production Method: This chair is made by me in my home workshop. I turn the legs and stretchers on my lathe and then create the leather pieces by hand, one at a time.
  • Width: 22 inches
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Length: 22 inches
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Bridle Leather, Mahogany Hardwood
  • Finish Type: Hand Rubbed