DASKING Premium Aerial Silks Equipment Gradient Color Mixed Aerial Silks - Safe Deluxe Aerial Kit

The new gradient aerial silks is very popular now. Because this color gradient aerial silks is as beautiful as a butterfly when flying in the air. Hold your breath and enjoy the feeling of flying.Your flight is also a visual feast for the audience. It is a wonderful Equipment for dancers, yoga or Pilates Yoga originated in India, it has 5000 years of history. And 5000 years of history make the sport more suitable for physical exercise. So Yoga is a sport that is good for the body, mind and spirit. There are many forms of yoga. But with a hammock is better. You can freely practice a variety of actions Material: Durable Low Stretch Fabric (40 denier Nylon) Dimensions hammock: about 10m / 2.8m (L / B) OR Dimensions hammock: about 5m / 2.8m (L / B) Variations: Gradient Color Aerial Silks Application: Indoor: 1, Durable Roof (no ceiling), 2, stable shelf; Outdoor: 1, stable shelf, 2, Tree Directions: As yoga mat, swing or hammock, Aerial Silk, It is a wonderful Equipment for dancers, yoga or Pilates Delivery Including: 1 * Yoga Hammock 2 * Screw-Lock Carabiners (Max Load-bearing: 23K) 2 * extended band (90cm length) 1 * Manual Note: Not to be too high off the ground, pay attention to personal safety These silks and hardware have been carefully selected so you have the optimal set of safe and premium equipment to fly!

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