Dry Baby Wipes Octmami Soft Dry Cotton Wipes Baby Tissue Cotton for Sensitive Skin Portable 6 Packs 600 Count

Size:6Pack-600Count ♥Infant dry cotton wipes♥ How to ensure the health and safety of your baby at home? Baby spit milk - There's not enough time cleaning the towels. Baby biting toy - Easy to eat dirty things. Baby red butt - Hips are hot, humid, not clean. These problems can be solved by using dry cotton wipes. Octmami dry cotton wipes will be your best choice! ▶Why do we choose dry cotton wipes: ●Dry cotton wipes: Soft and delicate, good water absorption, good wiping, natural degradation. It is a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face washes and other products. ●Dry baby wipes is soft and less friction: Repeated wiping does not hurt the skin, the baby is far from the red butt. ●Wet baby wipes is upgraded with the effect of cleaning: Change the temperature of the water according to the weather season. ●Pure cotton fiber: Select high-quality white cotton fiber, no need to be treated with heavy bleaching and chemical treatment. ▶Multi-application: ●Clean the face, facial cotton tissue cotton soft towel has good flexibility, can be used as a wet wipes or a small towel. ●Cut small pieces when the use of cotton pads, you can cut dry cotton wipes into small pieces used as a cotton pad. ●Clean the nipple, wet cotton wipes, used to clean the nipple, regular nipple cleaning can reduce nipple rupture during lactation. ▶Tips: ●Do not throw it into the toilet to avoid blockage. ●Store in a cool place to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. ●Do not approach the fire to avoid accidents. ▶Product Contains:100pcs*6 ▶Products Parameter: Material: 100%Cotton Tissue Size:7.9*7.9inches Package Size:11.8*8.3*5.5inches Package Weight:2.47pounds