Liquid Crystal Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Spray (L.C.D) Baby Powder Fragrance


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Natural Deodorant that Actually Stops Odors and Fights Wetness! Research has linked the aluminum chlorohydrate in commercial deodorants to Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Many people chose to switch to natural crystal deodorant sticks. These natural deodorants are made with potassium alum. Another form of aluminum, the difference is that aluminum chlorohydrate is made up of molecules that get absorbed by the body, clogging the sweat glands to prevent perspiration. Potassium alum molecules are too large to be absorbed by the body and create a layer on top of the skin blocking odor. The jury is out on whether potassium alum can be harmful even when it cannot be absorbed by the body. So in my quest to create a natural liquid deodorant, I decided to leave out potassium alum. L.C.D. is formulated with magnesium chloride and pink himalayan salt. These fight odor while arrowroot powder and kaolin powders absorb wetness. The result: a win-win! L.C.D avoids all of the pitfalls of most other natural deodorants. It contains NO BAKING SODA (which can darken skin and cause irritation), NO ALCOHOL (which can irritate skin), NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL (another skin irritant), NO COCONUT OIL, NO PARABENS OR PHTHALATES. Most people only need to 2-4 pumps under each arm to stay protected all day. This 6 ounce bottle should last a month or more under normal use. Can be reapplied as necessary. LISTING IS FOR ONE SIX OUNCE BOTTLE

  • Production Method: All products are made by hand with love and care.
  • Material Type FREE: Phthalate Free, Propylene Glycol, Aluminum Free, Talc Free, Alcohol free
  • Scent: Baby Powder
  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Directions: Shake well and spray 2-4 pumps on clean, dry underarms. Reapply as necessary
  • Unit Count: 6 Fl Oz
  • Ingredients: aloe vera juice, witch hazel hydrosol, purified water, magnesium chloride, organic lime juice, pink himalayan salt, sunflower oil, arrowroot powder, emulsifying wax, isopropyl myristate, kaolin clay, fragrance, potassium sorbate (preservative).