Monarchess Natural Luxuries Shea Butter Soap with Dead Sea mud and Moroccan Akr Fasi


(as of September 18, 2018 4:23 am - Details)


This amazing special blend is one of our favourites. Contains Dead Sea mud, and finely ground poppy flower petals (Moroccan Akr Fasi). No added colors! Enjoy the wonderful benefits while gently cleansing your skin and keeping it moisturized and fresh. Poured carefully to create these special patterns that only look better when used, for a look as wonderful as the benefits!

  • Production Method: Our natural soaps are handmade using cold-processed method. They are made from shea butter as a basic ingredient blended with different types of natural oils. we usually use coconut oil and olive oil in all of our blends. Other additives include high quality dried herbs and flowers such as saffron and roses, depending on the kind of soap. High quality is always our top priority! Each batch of soap requires six weeks to be ready to use. In some of our soaps we add either natural or mica colors, which are considered nature identical. The process of coloring requires accuracy, speed, and patience, in order to bring good results. This is were all the fun for us happens! Each piece is unique, and the final shape presents itself only after unmolding and cutting the soap!
  • Directions: Use daily, preferably with warm water for a soft creamy lather. Rub the soap against your skin for an exfoliating effect.¬†Rinse off and enjoy the freshness.