M&Y Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads | 14-Pack + 3 Bonuses | Washable, Reusable & Waterproof | Contoured, Large (4.7''), Multi-Color

Size:Large  |  Color:Multi-color ❤ DOES YOUR BREAST OR NIPPLE SKIN FEEL SORE? Bet it does – and you are certainly not alone. M&Y nursing pads are theabsolutely softest and they are hypoallergenic. In those early weeks, when your nipples can be so tender, these extremelysoft little clouds could make the difference in preventing you from giving up on nursing.❤ MADE FROM ORGANIC BAMBOO: Bamboo versus cotton makes a HUGE difference in the level of softness and absorption. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the luxuriously soft feel of the surface layer that is made from organic bamboo.Please note: You can use these nursing pads with your favorite nipple cream.❤ SUPER ABSORBENT AND 100% LEAK-PROOF: Did you know that bamboo is quoted as being 40% more absorbent than cotton?Due to the well-designed 3-layer construction (bamboo, microfiber, polyester with waterproof TPU) you don´t have to worryabout embarrassing leaks anymore because the outer layer is absolutely water-proof.❤ NEW CONTOURED SHAPE FOR NATURAL FIT AND DISCRETE LOOK: Our nursing pads are now contoured to the natural shapeof the breast, so they don’t shift around and are more discrete. Please select between diameters of 3.9 inches (A to C cups) and4.7 inches (C cups and up) as well as multi-color and white/beige.❤ AN AWESOME BABY SHOWER GIFT FOR NEW MOMMIES: The amazing package and the 3 bonuses will convince the Mommy to bethat you truly dedicated some time to choose a caring and considerate gift.❤ SAVE MONEY BY USING WASHABLE PADS: Are you tired of wasting money for disposable pads? M&Y nursing pads will save bothyou and the environment hundreds of disposable pads!❤ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Life as a Mom can be stressful at times. If you are unsatisfied in any way with this product,please send us a message on Amazon and we will refund your purchase or send out a new product with no questions asked!❤ ORDER NOW by clicking ‘ADD TO CART’! ❤