The ORIGINAL Munching Mutts Mealtime Extender (Slow Feeder) Pet Food Bowl - Dog Food Bowl with Unique Design to Slows Eating


(as of September 7, 2018 2:32 pm - Details)


My Munching Mutts pet feeder bowls extend your furever friend's mealtime to reduce bloating and belching. Does your dog inhale his food? Mine did, and that led me to create the Munching Mutts food bowl. I wanted a safe, non-toxic alternative to many of the mealtime extender bowls I was able to find for my little guy. His food nestled down into the groves and he had to work just enough so that it slowed him down but didn't introduce any stress into the mealtime experience. Since the original, I've tweaked the design and now offer my Munching Mutt Mealtime Extender Pet Food Bowls in five sizes and five finishes. I also offer matching flat-bottomed bowls, which can be used for water or for pets who don't need the mealtime extender grooves. Each bowl is designed with channels that disburse the food and require your pet to forage for his or her kibble. To help you in determining the size bowl to order, I've included a table below that indicates the size of each bowl, the number of grooves, and the approximate amount of kibble each will hold within the grooves. Of course, the latter will vary based on the size of your kibble. Also, please note that a second layer of food can be placed on top of the first, so the overall capacity for each bowl is higher than that which will fit within the grooves. Toy - 2 channels plus center evenly disperse about 1/4 c. of dry kibble (coming soon!) Small - 2 channels plus center evenly disperse about 1/3 to 1/2 c. of dry kibble Medium - 3 channels plus center evenly disperse about 3/4 to 1 c. of dry kibble Large - 3 channels plus center evenly disperse about 1-1/2 to 2 c. of dry kibble Jumbo - 4 channels plus center evenly disperse about 2-1/2 to 3 c. of dry kibble

  • Production Method: I throw these on the wheel, and carefully compress the walls, base and rim for strength and durability. I leave some extra clay in the bottom as well to discourage Fido from picking it up and carrying it away! They are dried carefully, bisque fired, glazed and glaze fired. Following the final firing the bottoms are sanded to 800 grit smoothness to minimize any risk of damage to your floor. They are packaged carefully to avoid damage in shipment, and shipped with insurance equal to the value of the purchase and shipping.
  • Material: Clay, Certified Non-Toxic Stoneware, Ceramic Glazes
  • Finish Type: Ceramic, High Gloss